Moog Matriarch and Grandmother synths get retro 'Dark' makeovers

·Managing Editor
·1 min read

The Grandmother and Matriarch quickly became staples of the modern Moog era when they were released. Their designs are undeniably retro, but the color scheme didn’t really fit in with any of the company’s legacy products. So today the two flagship semi-modular synths are getting old-school “dark” redesigns that hearken back to the early days of Moog’s original modular systems like the Model 10.

The Moog Dark Series replaces the bright green, yellow of the original models with serious looking black panels. That might seem like a minor change (and it is, to be fair), but chances are the new aesthetic will have an easier time blending into your synth dungeon. Both synths are also getting a firmware update to celebrate the new looks. There’s no gaming changing features being added, but there’s improved sync and an envelope multi-trig mode for the Grandmother and a few additional enhancements and bug fixes.

Firmware 1.2.0 for Matriarch and 1.1.0 for Grandmother are available now, as are the Dark Series editions of both synths. Both are shipping and pricing hasn’t changed: the Matriarch is $1,999, while the Grandmother is a comparatively wallet friendly $999.

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