Moose Factory band releases debut album

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Northbound 51 band members' close ties to their home and Cree culture are reflected in their debut album.

The self-titled album has been released on BandCamp and will be available on other major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music starting Nov. 1.

Hailing from Moose Factory, the band includes three members: bass player Stan Louttit, lead guitarist Darrell McLeod and lead singer and guitarist Marilyn Gunner-McLeod.

The members started performing together in 2015. Three years later, they began writing songs for the album. Their music is a mix of country, folk and rock.

The album has five songs titled Open Road, North Bound Train, Keep On, Run Together and Father Mother.

Louttit wrote four songs from the album except for Run Together, which was written by Gunner-McLeod and McLeod.

The album’s major theme is longing for home, which is Moosonee and Moose Factory, Louttit said in the news release.

“We sing about how many of us travelled south to schools and hospitals or have been taken away to such places as residential schools,” he said in a statement. “The northbound train takes us back home to our parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones.”

Father Mother remembers their Cree parents and grandparents who have died.

“A phrase in the Cree language in the song pays homage right to the people,” Gunner-McLeod said in a statement.

Run Together talks about life relationships, while Open Road and North Bound Train are about leaving and coming back home to those who will always be there for us. Keep On reflects on the loss while having the strength to keep going during tough times, according to the press release.

“Many of our Cree peoples’ grandparents lived a traditional lifestyle and, in many ways, that is becoming the past,” Louttit said in a statement. “So, we find it important to sing about not only the stories our parents told us of their lives and hardships but also about the beauty of the land.”

Produced by Louttit and Trevor James Anderson with additional engineering by Dex Piecowye, the album was recorded and mixed by Anderson in Toronto.

CDs can be ordered on Bandcamp for $20 and will be mailed in mid-November.

Dariya Baiguzhiyeva, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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