Moose killed after charging wildlife officer in St. Albert

A moose wandering a St. Albert neighbourhood was shot and killed Wednesday morning after charging at a wildlife officer, according to police.

St. Albert RCMP say they were assisting Alberta Fish & Wildlife officers in responding to a complaint of several moose wandering in a residential neighbourhood near Red Willow Park.

"The Edmonton district fish and wildlife office, as well as the RCMP office in St. Albert, received several calls today from citizens concerned about a cow moose and two calves," Brendan Cox, a spokesperson for Alberta Justice and the Solicitor General, said in an emailed statement Wednesday evening.

"Moose are exceptionally large and powerful animals, and a cow moose can be quick to forcefully protect their young. The moose were in Red Willow Park near St. Albert Trail, which is a major roadway with heavy traffic."

The responding officers intended to herd the moose away from the residential area, Cox said. 

"Unfortunately in this situation, the cow moose charged one of the fish and wildlife officers, and with the life and wellbeing of that officer in clear and present danger, the officers on scene had no option but to use lethal force to stop the moose mid-charge."

Social media users posted photos and reports of three moose in Red Willow Park Wednesday morning, including one photo of what looks like someone pointing a long-barreled gun at the largest animal.