Moosomin Community Market to be discussed by Chamber of Commerce

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Jarrod Slugoski will fill in Moosomin Chamber of Commerce members on his plans for a Moosomin Community Market to run on weekends through the summer, at the March Chamber of Commerce meeting Tuesday, March 23. The plan is to give people one more reason to stay in Moosomin or come to Moosomin on weekends this summer, and there are plans to help draw the people coming to the market into other businesses in Moosomin.

The Moosomin Chamber of Commerce will meet Tuesday, March 23 at the Nutrien Sportsplex in Moosomin.

The meeting will start at 11:45 am and lunch will be provided.

Tyler Thorn will present a proposal on how businesses can get together to finance new business ideas and help bring more businesses to our community.

The Chamber also hopes to have a representative of the Moosomin Rodeo Committee at the meeting to update members on planning for the 2021 rodeo. Planning for events such as rodeos is complicated by the lack of information on Covid-19 restrictions moving forward.

Representatives of Kohr Capital and Bridge Road Developments plan to join the meeting by Zoom to discuss progress on a long-term care/assisted living facility at this meeting.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting, and is asked to email if they are planning on attending so the Chamber can plan for the number of attendees and remain within the limits under the current Covid-19 restrictions.

April 20 Chamberof Commerce meeting

Larry Scammell of Kohr Capital will join Chamber members at the April 20 chamber meeting to explain the next steps in the long-term care/assisted living facility proposed for Moosomin. The proponents have more than enough investment commitments for the first closing on this project.

Moosomin MLA Steven Bonk is hoping to join the Chamber for the April meeting to discuss the provincial budget, which will be presented in early April.

Moosomin Economic Development Officer Greg Gillespie will update Chamber members on the activities of the Moosomin Economic Development Committee, and some of the projects he and the committee have been working on.

Parade volunteers and honorary parade marshall nominees wanted

The Chamber did not run a parade last summer as there was no rodeo.

With the possible return of the rodeo this summer and the ability to hold events again, the Chamber has started planning for a parade this summer.

Chamber of Commerce members are being asked to provide suggestions for two things:

1) Anyone who wants to volunteer to help organize the parade or suggest a name of someone who may wish to help, is asked to put their name forward.

2) The Chamber always honors an individual, family or group as honorary parade marshalls to lead the parade. Anyone who has someone they want to nominate, is asked to let the Chamber know.

Names of volunteers and nominees can be emailed to

Spencer Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator