Moosomin Food Share offering meal kits

On the heels of a successful launch last fall, the Moosomin Food Share is back offering their popular meal kits. According to Samantha Campbell, Manager of the Moosomin Food Share and Thrift Store, it’s a cost-effective way to have some quick and delicious meals on-hand.

“We pick three recipes every two weeks and we are now offering a one-person box,” she said. “So you can get a one-person, two-person, or four-person.”

For one person, the cost of three meals is $30, double that for two people, and the four-person rate is a deal at $105.

“We try to make them as reasonable as possible. So basically, it covers the groceries and pays a little bit for our time, which we donate back into the community,” Campbell explained. “We actually don’t make a single profit from this for our time and energy that we put into making the kits, we donate it back.”

Last year, the program posted a $572 surplus, which was used to purchase two convertible child car seats and two booster seats. These items were donated back to the community, housed at the RCMP Detachment for use while responding to vehicle collisions.

The meal kits are distributed every two weeks, and subscribing is just a few clicks of a button away.

“If you want to order, you can go on our Facebook page, and we have a little link that you can click on to go through there,” Campbell said. “Or you can even just call into the store and let us know and that you’d like it and we can put you on that way as well.”

So what’s a typical meal kit look like? Previous menus have included barbecue meatballs with potatoes and beans, another featured a honey garlic rice bowl and even a pesto shrimp penne.

“It takes the meal planning out of ‘what’s for dinner tonight’?” Campbell said, noting that the quick meals target a 30-minute prep time. “We wanted to offer something new in the community that hasn’t been really here. I know that you can get premade foods from Witch’s Brew, but nothing where you just get the ingredients and you can make it yourself.”

There is a limited number of subscriptions available as Campbell noted a cap of 30 participants, so signing up early is encouraged.

Ryan Kiedrowski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator