More fallout from Watford brawl

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The convictions continue following a neighbourly dispute that turned violent last summer.

Several people were drinking at an Ontario Street apartment last July when they saw their neighbour headed to his car. His lack of insurance paired with the fact they thought he was high on cocaine led them to intervene.

The neighbour didn’t appreciate their concern though and the situation quickly escalated from an exchange of words to punches being thrown. Steven Marche, 35, was one of the men who stepped in and began fighting the man. His wife also joined the fray.

During this time another man, Adam Fillion, stepped inside and came out brandishing a pair of kitchen knives. He was granted a conditional discharge with a year of probation in March for this action.

The presence of the knives, along with the arrival of police who had fielded several calls about the fight, brought the scuffle to a close. Officers determined from audio at the scene that Marche’s wife and the neighbour were the main instigators.

Now it was Marche’s turn to receive his penalty. His Sarnia Court appearance was specifically for several expletive laden threats he made to the man during the fight.

Marche has a lengthy relationship with the legal system. He says his top priority now is addressing his mental health.

“I apologize for everything I’ve done,” he says. “I wasn’t expecting my ex-wife to be that stupid… I should have left her a long time ago. I’ve been abused by her.”

The couple are now split up and Marche no longer lives at the Watford apartment.

Defence Lawyer Jamie Guggisberg asked for a suspended sentence with probation. “Appreciating Mr. Marche at least initiated his behaviour feeling as though he were doing good,” he says of the fight.

Justice Deborah Austin agreed this was appropriate. “I hope that the order we make today is constructive for you,” she says to Marche.

Marche’s 12 months of probation include counselling for mental health, an order not to contact or go near his ex-neighbour and a five year weapons ban.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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