More grants mean more road construction in Oil Springs

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Taxpayers in Oil Springs will see a three percent increase to their property bills this year.

The Oil Springs council passed its budget June 7.

Mayor Ian Veen was comfortable with the tax increase because of investment in the capital work to be completed this year.

The village will purchase a new fire truck, a public works truck, complete bridge inspections and sewer and water work. The remaining Oil Springs portion of the new fire truck for the Oil Springs and South Enniskillen Fire Department comes in at $17,924.

The total budget amounts to just over $875,384, with 56 percent of the budget funded through the tax levy - that’s $492,416.

The municipality is expected to receive about $100,000 more in grants, compared to 2021. The village is waiting to hear whether it has been approved for an asset management grant for $54,918, which was included in the budget.

The Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund grant was reduced slightly this year from $188,300 to $183,900, while the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund doubled to $100,000 over last year’s grant of $50,000. The municipality also entered into an agreement with the province for the Municipal Modernization Grant for $34,835 for the creation of a new website.

The rising revenues means more spending on the roads - $203,490 compared to $93,045 last year. There will be $33,500 for sidewalk maintenance where none was budgeted in 2021. There is also $31,500 for storm sewers where only approximately $3,200 was budgeted last year.

There was $15,737 set aside for the cemetery, compared to $3,738 last year.

Blake Ellis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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