More visible look for photo radar enforcement vehicles in Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is giving its fleet of photo radar enforcement vehicles a new, more visible look.

City-owned vehicles are being wrapped in a neon vinyl material with a decal on both sides that reads "Drive Safe" in bold, block letters. Vehicles that are leased by the city won't be wrapped but will have the decals.

As well, all 28 vehicles in the entire fleet will have a flag on a flexible pole attached to the vehicle.

The changes are the result of public feedback, said Jessica Lamarre, acting director for traffic safety.

"We've heard concern around visibility and location of the vehicles, " Lamarre said Monday. "We wanted to take this next step to help increase safety on our roads, help people become more aware of their speed and slow down."

Changes are also being made to where enforcement vehicles can be parked, following complaints from Edmontonians that the vehicles are not easy to spot, she said.

Submitted by City of Edmonton

Photo radar enforcement is a "regular topic around town," Lamarre said. "This is about conversations we've had in our regular lives around the dinner table or when we're out with friends."

Since 2016, the city implemented its Vision Zero plan with a goal of zero traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries. Since then, there have been 41 per cent fewer traffic-related fatalities and 21 per cent fewer serious injury accidents, Lamarre said.

The cost of the changes to the fleet is about $100,000. The money is coming from the Traffic Safety and Automated Enforcement Reserve, a fund made up of fines from photo radar tickets, she said.

The changes to the enforcement vehicle fleet are already underway and should be completed by January.