‘The Morning Show’ Season 3 Episode Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Air?

“The Morning Show” Season 3 has arrived, without sparing the drama and crazy events that fans have come to love about UBA. In the first two episodes alone, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) goes into space instead of Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), and UBA gets hacked! Jon Hamm’s character enters the mix with no time to waste.

With an early renewal for Season 4, “The Morning Show” Season 3 moves along at a clip while fans know there’s plenty more to come. The network struggles in a post-COVID world, so everything is up in the air, including Bradley, Paul and Cory when they ride the Hyperion 1 rocket into space to get a really good look at planet Earth.

For fans hoping to watch along, here’s a complete “Morning Show” Season 3 episode release schedule.

When did “The Morning Show” Season 3 Premiere?

Season 3 of the Apple TV+ drama series premiered Wednesday, Sept. 13, with two episodes.

What time are new episodes on Apple TV+?

New episodes land at 12:01 a.m. ET on Wednesdays or 9:01 p.m. PT on Tuesdays if you’re on the west coast.

Are new episodes released weekly or all at once?

New episodes will be released weekly. The first two episodes premiered the same day, but now the show will unfold with one episode per week.

Tig Notaro and Jon Hamm in Season 3 of “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+)
Tig Notaro and Jon Hamm in Season 3 of “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+)

Here is the full “The Morning Show” Season 3 release schedule:

  • Episode 1: Wednesday, September 13 (“The Kármán Line”)

  • Episode 2: Wednesday, September 13 (“Ghost in the Machine”)

  • Episode 3: Wednesday, September 20 (“White Noise”)

  • Episode 4: Wednesday, September 27

  • Episode 5: Wednesday, October 4

  • Episode 6: Wednesday, October 11

  • Episode 7: Wednesday, October 18

  • Episode 8: Wednesday, October 25

  • Episode 9: Wednesday, November 1

  • Episode 10: Wednesday, November 8 (Season Finale)

Who is in “The Morning Show” Season 3 Cast?

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon return as Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson, co-anchors of “The Morning Show.” Billy Crudup will also return as Cory Ellison, and Mark Duplass brings Charlie “Chip” Black back to UBA. Julianna Margulies returns as Laura Peterson, YDA flame of Bradley. Nestor Carbonell’s problematic weatherman Yanko Flores will also return this season, as will Karen Pittman’s Mia Jordan. Greta Lee (“Past Lives”) will return as Stella Bak, president of the UBA news division.

Newcomers in this third season of the Apple TV+ drama series include Nicole Beharie, who plays new anchor Christina Hunter. Beharie’s new journalist used to compete at Olympic-level track and field competitions. Jon Hamm brings some heat this season as tech titan Paul Marks, owner of space-exploration company Hyperion. Steve Carell’s Mitch Kessler died last season, so he will not be returning.

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