Morrisburg rounabout project Over-budget but still going ahead this summer

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CORNWALL – A $5 million project that will change the face of Morrisburg was approved, despite being $440,000 over-budget.

SDG County Council approved the lone bid by Coco Paving Inc. for $4,981,136.75 to build the new Morrisburg roundabout at the intersection of County Roads 2 and 31, and construct the new “street-scape”

This is the second time the project was tendered by the County. In January, the project received four bids ranging between $6.1M and $7.4M. Coco Paving was the low-bidder in that tender process.

Council at the time rejected the bids and SDG and South Dundas municipal staff modified the scope of the project to reduce the budget.

SDG staff estimated the infrastructure project would cost $4.2 million, and received 73 per cent funding from the Federal and Provincial governments through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

SDG Director of Transportation and Planning Ben deHaan said that unlike bridge contractors, heavy infrastructure construction companies are “very busy right now.”

Coco Paving, which purchased Cruickshank Construction in 2018 maintains offices and a construction yard in Morrisburg still so this project is local for the business as well.

“It’s been a challenge,” Councillor Steven Byvelds (South Dundas) characterized the process up to this point. “Coco seems to be willing to work with us.”

To fund the over-budget amount of the project, deHaan said that the County and South Dundas would be working with the contractor to find savings as the project goes on.

Byvelds remained supportive of the project and suggested that the County fund the excess amount through its working reserves for now, an option that South Dundas was going to look at for paying for its share of the project.

The two municipal governments split the bill for the remaining 27 per cent of the project up to $4.2 million, and the over-budget amounts. The South Dundas portion will be an estimated at $380,000.

Funding its portion of the bill of the over-budget amount will be more of a challenge for South Dundas than SDG Counties said Byvelds: “We don’t have the pot of money that the County has.”

Now that the contract is approved, and the engineering work for the redesigned plan completed, deHaan told The Leader that construction will begin in the “next several weeks.”

The contractual completion date for the Morrisburg roundabout and street-scape project is October 29.

Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Morrisburg Leader

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