Most city residents satisfied with life in the city, survey says

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Grande Prairie’s 2022 Resident Satisfaction survey results were presented to the Corporate Services Committee last Tuesday (Sept. 13).

“The survey looked at residents' views on a variety of topics ranging from satisfaction with the city itself and with city services,” said Rory Tarant, interim communications and marketing manager.

“Overall, city residents are very positive about the city and about the direction things are going.”

The report says 70 per cent of respondents indicated that life in the city is ‘good or very good’.

This year's survey was completed by Deloitte, with results coming from 401 individuals who were randomly called using a mixture of landline and cell phone numbers.

“It definitely is an accurate representation of the population,” said Simon Webb, senior associate with Deloitte.

“It's just that random selection methodology for going a step further to make sure that all the responses are weighted by age and gender so that the responses accurately represent the full population.”

The city performs a resident satisfaction survey about every two years, with the last one done in 2020.

The most important issues for Grande Prairie residents are roads, taxes, homelessness and the crime rate.

The most significant change in the latest survey was seeing the crime rate drop to fourth in the list of concerns, from the top spot in 2020.

“We saw it (crime rate) was one of the largest increases in satisfaction,” said Tarant.

“Similarly, 62 per cent of respondents indicated they feel safe and secure, which was an 11-point increase from 2020, so while there's definitely room for improvement, that was one of the greatest areas of improvement in terms of city services.”

This year's survey found that many residents expressed a high interest in helping to guide policies and directions taken by the city, but 89 per cent of residents have not involved themselves in municipal engagement or city-led participation processes in the last year.

The 2022 survey says “47 per cent of respondents noted they would prefer to keep the current rate of taxation and reduce services to combat increasing service delivery costs”.

Grande Prairie residents also have a positive outlook for the city’s future economic outlook: 53 per cent said they expect the economy to improve over the next year, while 32 per cent believe it will stay the same.

The top three sources for people receiving information from the city were 50 per cent from news outlets, 47 per cent from Facebook, and 36 per cent from the city website.

“The Resident Satisfaction Survey supports the city’s key performance indicator of external satisfaction levels within our community,” said the city.

“It further provides a baseline for tracking trends in public perspective regarding the City’s performance over time, as well as functioning as a benchmarking tool to assess how the City of Grande Prairie compares to similar municipalities.”

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News