Get the most out of your perfume with these easy hacks

Spritzing on perfume has become as ingrained in daily routines as brushing teeth. While wearing perfume seems like a no-brainer, correctly using and preserving it requires some skill. Luckily, these simple tips and tricks will help your favorite scents last longer and maximize their aroma.

For these hacks, you will need:

  • Perfume

  • Moisturizer

  • Tissue paper

  • Unscented lotion

Perfume Hack 1: Moisturize Before Applying Perfume

Moisturize any areas where you’ll be applying perfume to make the scent last longer throughout the day.

Perfume Hack 2: Apply Perfume To Your Body’s Pressure Points

Get the most out of your fragrance by applying it to specific pressure points on your body. Pressure points emit extra body heat, which will help intensify the scent.

Perfume Hack 3: Spritz Perfume On A Hairbrush

Spray perfume on a hairbrush then brush it through your hair for a truly long-lasting scent, as hair retains fragrance longer than skin.

Perfume Hack 4: Combine Perfume With Unscented Lotion

Easily make your own custom scented lotions by combining a spritz of perfume with unscented lotion.

Perfume Hack 5: Spray Perfume On Tissue Paper

Make your clothes smell amazing by lining your drawers with tissue paper that’s been sprayed with perfume.

Perfume Hack 6: Store Perfume In A Cool, Dark Place
Storing perfume in a cool, dimly lit place extends its lifespan by preventing light and heat damage.

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