'You have been some of the most supportive people in my corner...' Taylor Swift pays tribute to London fans at Wembley Stadium Eras Tour concert

Taylor Swift performing at Wembley Stadium credit:Bang Showbiz
Taylor Swift performing at Wembley Stadium credit:Bang Showbiz

Taylor Swift thanked her London fans for being the “most supportive people” throughout her career as ‘The Eras Tour’ arrived at Wembley Stadium.

The 34-year-old pop megastar performed at the home of soccer on Friday night (21.06.24) and paid tribute to the sell-out crowd for always believing in her music and taking her from small shows in the UK capital to the iconic venue.

Before performing 'All Too Well' during the 'Red' section of her set, Taylor admitted she could scarcely believe that she will play Wembley Stadium a total of eight times this summer.

She said: "You have been some of the most supportive people in my corner for the entire time that I've been making music, from the very beginning.

"The first show that I did in London, I think I was about 17 and I started out playing King's College, Shepherd's Bush Empire and from there you just continued to support me more and more. The rooms got gradually bigger and bigger and now you've done this. You've sold out three nights at Wembley in June, five more nights in August. I'm not the best at math but that means we get to play Wembley Stadium eight times because of you, it's only because of you! You know we have a lot of Londoners here tonight, am I correct in thinking that? However, we also have a lot of people from out of town who travelled, right? This is amazing, this is why this is such an incredible crowd, we have so many different people who have made plans to be with us here tonight."

Taylor also told her fans that 'The Eras Tour' is very special to her because it is a celebration of her entire career and contains "all the memories that we've made over the years".

She said: "I always think why it is that 'The Eras Tour' is my favourite thing that I'm ever going to be part of.

"Because I've been touring since I was 15, we've gotten to have a lot of fun memories but this one just feels more special, more fun, more exciting than any tour I've ever done. I think it's because we get to take all the memories that we've made over the years, over the last, you know, 18 to 20 years that I've been playing shows and we put them all in one show. And plus, never in my life have I got to play for crowds as wonderfully generous as we've gotten to see here on 'The Eras Tour' at Wembley Stadium night one. You are blowing our minds, already!"

Taylor will also perform at Wembley Stadium on Saturday (22.06.24) and Sunday (23.06.24) before ‘The Eras Tour’ rolls into Dublin, Ireland, next week.