Mother of Corey Sisson first to take the stand in murder trial

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Robby Polchies, 34, is accused of first-degree murder in the 2019 death of Corey Sisson.  (Ed Hunter - image credit)
Robby Polchies, 34, is accused of first-degree murder in the 2019 death of Corey Sisson. (Ed Hunter - image credit)

Testimony began Wednesday in the trial of Robby Polchies, 34, who is accused of killing 19-year-old Corey Sisson in July of 2019.

Sisson's mother, Hannah London, was the first witness.

She said her son had lived a transient and troubled life for several years. He was often couch surfing or staying in trap houses -- houses where illicit drugs are sold.

She said he had used crystal meth, cocaine, marijuana and Xanax for four or five years and been involved in drug trafficking.

Sisson was reported missing on July 30, 2019. His body was found in a forested area in Noonan, outside Fredericton less than two weeks later, on Aug. 10.

Robby Polchies of Kingsclear First Nation is charged with first degree murder.

In his opening statements, Crown prosecutor Rodney Jordan laid out some of the specifics of the case against Polchies. He told the court that London's 2015 Dodge Ram truck had been stolen the morning of July 29, 2019 and that she suspected her son had taken it.

Jordan told the court that the case will show that Polchies and Sisson, along with another friend, Josh O'Hara, planned on selling the Dodge truck. And that later that day, O'Hara and Polchies got messages that Sisson was telling people they had stolen the truck.

Jordan said Polchies and O'Hara took Sisson's phone and Polchies convinced Sisson to leave with him in O'Hara's truck. Then two then picked up Jahradd Williams, Polchies' girlfriend at the time.

Jordan quoted messages that were sent from Polchies phone at the time:

"Gonna bring him for a ride to get rid of that. And that's probably the end of that fairytale."

And another: "Going heavy, coming back light."

The three drove to a remote road in a forested area, said Jordan, where Polchies shot Sisson several times with O'Hara's shotgun. Williams watched it all.

On the way back to Fredericton, the couple stopped at the Pepper Creek G-Mart, where they bought gas and talked to the cashier.

Several days later, on August 10, Williams came forward.

"Williams contacted and took the police into the woods in Noonan where Corey Sisson's partially decomposed body was found," said Jordan.

London said that her common–law husband was the one who notified her that the Dodge Ram was missing. She said it was clear nothing else had been taken from the house, not the televisions or PlayStations.

Ed Hunter
Ed Hunter

In cross examination, defence lawyer Brian Munro cited incidents when Sisson had been stabbed in the leg in 2018, and another when he had to have surgery on his hand after a violent incident earlier in 2019.

Munro noted a previous incident, when Sisson had stolen two guns from his father in 2017, because he said he was afraid for his life.

"The world he was sort of involved in -- trapped in -- I guess you could say, involved violence, correct?"

Munro noted that Sisson had been evicted from his apartment on Brookside Drive in July.

"You were concerned that he was sort of spiralling?" said Munro.

"I noticed different tendencies in Corey that started to trigger," London said.

London said she had gone to his apartment and tried to support him and get him help.

Robby Polchies sat in court wearing a maroon and white checked shirt. Two of his sisters attended in the afternoon.

The trial is scheduled to continue until mid November.

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