Like mother, like daughter: Ellen Brennan still curling at 82

New Brunswick curler Heidi Hanlon was a regular at the Canadian women's curling championship, attending no less than 11 times, and won the Canadian senior championship in 2011 and the world senior championship in Denmark in 2012.

Her mom's no slouch either.

Eighty-two-year-old Ellen Brennan is still hurling the stones after all these years and a championship is on her mind.

Brennan will attend the Canadian masters championships, an event for curlers over the age of 60, in Guelph starting Monday.

- Hanlon curling team among N.B. Sports Hall of Fame inductees 

This won't be Brennan's first time at the championship. She was a member of the 2002 and 2004 New Brunswick women's team that won the championship in those years.

Brennan started curling with a friend.

"Both of us had five little kids so it was a chance to get away from them for a few hours," said Brennan.

Hanlon, who will be inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame in May, is proud of her mother's skills.

"I can only hope I can be like that. It's awesome. We're all really proud of her," said Hanlon.

Brennan's curling career isn't over, as long as she can help it.

"I'd like to curl a couple more years but we'll see," said Brennan.

"I can only say this, as long as I can I will."