Mother, son and daughter all arrested in connection to multiple robberies on Long Island

Jennifer Kline,

A woman and her two children have been arrested in Long Island in connection to seven armed robberies, all of which took place over the last month.

Deborah Salvatore, 55, and her children, Rick Mascia, 25, and 31-year-old Lauren Mascia, are accused of robbing a number local establishments: Two Family Dollar locations, two Dunkin Donuts, one Dollar Tree and the same Carvel twice.

The most recent robbery was at a Dunkin Donuts on Oct. 21, and it initially didn't go as planned: Rick entered alone and said he wanted to buy a donut, but the cashier replied, "We’re about to close, so you can have the doughnuts for free," recounted another employee to the New York Post.

Rick allegedly responded, "No, I want you to charge me." Then, after the employee opened the cash register, he allegedly brandished a knife and demanded all the money.

His mother was waiting in the car outside.

Police arrived before the two could even flee the scene, the 17-year-old employee said. Although she was absent from the Dunkin Donuts heist, Lauren was arrested along with her mother and brother after cops began investigating. All three are are waiting arraignment in Central Islip court.