Mother with teen hospitalized by COVID says virus is still prevalent ahead of summer

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As her 15-year-old son sits in hospital with COVID-19, Patricia Kirby wants the public to know the virus is still affecting people you might not expect in ways you may not even think of.

Kirby's son, Daniel Hollett, tested positive for COVID-19 over two weeks ago at around the same time as the rest of his family. Everyone is fully vaccinated, but Daniel isn't able to receive a booster dose because of his age.

But while the rest of the family recovered, Daniel is still feeling the effects of the virus.

"When he got COVID, it attacked his mouth. He ended up with ulcers all over the inside of his mouth, lips, tongue and throat," Kirby told CBC News Thursday.

Kirby called an ambulance for Daniel after the soreness caused him to not be able to swallow.

"Because his immune system was done, the herpes virus attacked the ulcers, so now the inside of his mouth and throat are basically a giant cold sore."

Daniel was able to head home from the hospital on Friday. Kirby said of their family, her son was the person she was least worried about getting the virus.

She sees it as a lesson that no one should be overconfident that COVID-19 is a milder illness.

"Before this happened, I never would have been concerned about a healthy person getting COVID. But after seeing what it's done to my son, I think everybody should be concerned."

Hear from Kirby in the video above.

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