Motocross community rallies around Edmonton racer injured in Ontario crash

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Braden Bidlock surrounded by his family in an Ontario hospital. (Shelly Bidlock - image credit)
Braden Bidlock surrounded by his family in an Ontario hospital. (Shelly Bidlock - image credit)

It was just another day on the track for 21-year-old motocross racer Braden Bidlock.

A racer from the time he was six, Bidlock was racing at Walton Raceway in Ontario on Aug. 15 when he crashed.

"Just a really rough section, everyone kind of struggling with it," Bidlock said from his hospital bed in London, Ont.

"I got pretty close to crashing a couple of times. And then one lap I just came around and kind of wasn't expecting it and I got bucked. I twisted my head and I felt it right away."

Bidlock broke his C6 vertebra and injured his spinal cord.

He still has feeling in his hands and arms but can no longer feel anything from his mid-chest down.

"Days are long," he said. "Nights are a lot longer. It's a lot of sleep, and a lot of not sleeping."

Braden Bidlock/Instagram
Braden Bidlock/Instagram

Bidlock's parents, Shelly and Mike, were at the race when they noticed their son didn't finish his lap.

"Braden was doing really well he was probably in the top third," Shelly Bidlock said.

"All of a sudden, lap one, he didn't come around. So we were waiting. And then the second lap, he didn't come around. And then the third lap and final lap."

Bidlock was airlifted to Victoria Hospital in London, Ont.

"They got him into surgery immediately, probably within two hours, which was critical," Shelly Bidlock said.

The next step will be rehabilitation in Edmonton, she said, "so we're just kind of in this limbo position right now."

With the help of a fundraising effort on GoFundMe, the family was able to raise enough money to book an air ambulance to fly Braden back to Edmonton.

He hasn't flown home yet because his family is still waiting for a bed to open at the University of Alberta Hospital, Shelly said.

"It's really amazing how many people have come out, especially from the motocross community," Mike Bidlock said.

"You know, from one side of the country to the other, they've really stepped up and that's been pretty awesome."

The family is hoping with the help of specialists in Edmonton, Braden will be able to recover some feeling in his body.

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