Motorcyclist has life-threatening injuries after hitting turkey, truck on Highway 3

Motorcyclist who hit wild turkey on Highway 3 dies from injuries

A motorcyclist has been transported to hospital with life-threatening injuries after a hitting a wild turkey, losing control of the bike and crashing into a transport truck on Highway 3 east of Oldcastle, say provincial police.

The collision happened around 7:30 a.m., according to the OPP.

The driver of the transport truck was not injured in the crash.

Highway 3 remained closed from Walker Road to Sexton Side Road for much of the day, but re-opened around 2 p.m.

This is at least the fourth serious or fatal motorcycle collision over the past two months.

Turkeys were all over social media at the end of March as an increase in sightings of the big birds across the region prompted questions about whether they were becoming more prevalent and a problem in the area.

Naturalist Karen Cedar said turkeys roam "wild and free" through the city and added males often take to roads to fan their tails in hopes of attracting a mate during the spring.

Essex Region Conservation Authority biologist Dan Lebedyk warned drivers to be careful around turkeys that don't seem scared of people or vehicles.

"Please don't assume they're going to get out of the way because for the most part they may just stay there," he said.