Motorcyclist Falls Off Colorado Cliff, Splashes Into Water and Survives

A motorcyclist survived a fall from a cliff into water during a Colorado trip on September 4, 2019, capturing the entire incident via a camera attached to his helmet.

Rick Hogge, who spoke with Storyful on the phone, had traveled from Texas with friends for an annual motorcycle trip in Colorado when the accident occurred.

The group hit Schofield Pass, near Crested Butte, which was a trail that Hogge felt was above his skill level.

He told Storyful that he struggled to keep momentum as he maneuvered along the pass – an aspect of motorcycling he said “a better rider would have had no problem with.”

As he traversed the trail, Hogge hit a rock, which pulled his steering wheel left toward the side of the cliff. At the same moment, his throttle hand twisted, lurching both him and his bike into the air.

“You can see me trying to grab anything,” Hogge said. “I remember this cedar type bush that I grabbed and felt it slip through my hands.”

Hogge fell an estimated 60 to 70 feet into The Devil’s Punchbowl, a small body of water that sits between two waterfalls.

“Once I surfaced, I thought I was going to drown,” Hogge wrote in the YouTube caption accompanying his footage. “But thankfully the edge was close by and I was able to gather myself, take a deep breath and patiently wait for help.”

Hogge’s friends found him and retrieved his bike from the water, and Hogge posted another video to YouTube showing the recovery of the vehicle.

Hogge was able to walk away from the fall without injury. Credit: Rick Hogge via Storyful