Motorists will see $3M Dimsdale-area bridge replacement

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Whissell Enterprises has been awarded a $2.96 million contract to install a new bridge culvert over Spring Creek this year.

County of Grande Prairie council made the decision on the road tender during its regular meeting recently.

“It is a well-used road and one of the only crossings on Spring Creek,” said Dale Van Volkingburgh, county public works director.

The culvert is located on Township Road 711, west of Range Road 71, and is large enough to be used as a bridge that motorists drive over, he said.

The bridge replacement was necessitated by an embankment slide a year ago that compromised the culvert, he said.

Van Volkingburgh said the slide was caused by saturation and excess moisture and it “pinched off” the culvert.

The culvert was originally installed in 1962 and its life expectancy was coming to an end, providing another reason for replacement, he said.

Van Volkingburgh said work on the culvert replacement has begun, but the road rebuild probably can’t be finalized until next summer.

The contract ends in August 2021, he said.

Finalization would consist of filling the clay over the top of the culvert and putting down asphalt, he said.

He said while some road work may have to wait for next summer, public works is hoping to have the culvert installed so motorists can use it this winter.

Wembley bridge replacement nears completion

Public works is currently overseeing another bridge culvert replacement, near Wembley on Township Road 712, by Boss Bridgeworks.

That project is budgeted at $553,833. Van Volkingburgh said the Dimsdale-area project is costlier because of the length of culvert.

The Wembley-area culvert is approximately 35 metres long and the Spring Creek culvert is closer to 90, he said.

Additionally, more soil needs to be placed over the Spring Creek bridge due to its length, he said.

Van Volkingburgh said the Wembley-area bridge culvert will possibly be finished within the “next couple weeks.”

Brad Quarin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News