Motorists Watch as Grove Fire Burns Through North Central California

A brush fire now known as the Grove Fire broke out on the evening of October 17, burning alongside Highway 29 in Lake County, California, according to reports.

Mother and daughter pair Jessica and Delylah Meeker are both Lake County residents and recorded footage of the fire as it spread while they drove to different locations in separate vehicles.

Jessica was on her way home from work around 8.30 pm when she recorded the flames as they raged off the side of Highway 29.

The Meekers live on a farm nearby, so Jessica was worried about their animals and land. “I live about 5 miles from where the fire was, so we were concerned it would travel our way and we would need to prepare for evacuation,” she told Storyful.

Slightly earlier in the evening, Delylah Meeker was driving to the hardware store with her boyfriend when they also witnessed the fire grow and spread. “It got from campfire size to an acre in a couple of minutes. It was a really fast spread,” Delylah told Storyful.

Moments before she began recording, Delylah called the local fire department and they informed her that hers was the first call they had received about the incident, but that they would be sure to act quickly.

The fire ended up burning through 25 acres of land and was completely contained as of 11.40 am on October 18, according to Cal Fire. Credit: Jessica and Delylah Meeker via Storyful