We moved to the Tri-Cities and love the natural beauty. But why so much littering? | Opinion

Why so much littering?

My wife and I moved to the Tri-Cities near the end of August 2023. We have family living in Richland and decided to move here to be closer to them, especially our new grandson.

We moved here from western South Dakota, the beautiful side of the state which offers natural beauty such as the Black Hills, numerous lakes, plus Mount Rushmore and the very popular Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

We miss home but are excited about our new future here in Washington. Every city has its issues and I can see that the Tri-Cities have their fair share.

I applaud the cities of Pasco, Richland, Kennewick, and the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce for taking these issues head on and working hard to create a better place to live and work for all of us. My biggest complaint is the trash and litter that seems to be everywhere.

Along roads, empty lots, business parking areas, you name it, there is trash everywhere. The beauty of the area is being engulfed by those that believe the world is their trash can. Let’s all pick it up, clean it up, and let the beauty of our area shine through.

Pat Jones, Pasco

Why do MAGAs ignore the crime?

In the March 24 Tri-City Herald, Bonnie Hallett stated in her letter to the editor: “The left is constantly insulting and demeaning Trump supporters. It has to stop now.” This is an excellent example of the obvious ignorance and blithe acceptance of criminal Trump’s lies that underlie her observations.

Almost everything she claims are positive characteristics of the MAGA Republicans, in fact, are misstated or distorted. Though it is is undoubtedly true she is white, claims to be a Christian and is proud of her rural and/or urban lifestyle. Of course why she ignores the crimes (including the high crime of treason) and misdemeanors of her cult leader and idol is not clear and readily explains why so many conservatives describe her and her fellow Trump supporters in terms you consider insulting and demeaning.

Maybe you should actually ask your question of them, not Russ Treat or me.

Daniel Stowens, Kennewick

Check facts on border crossings

Why do conservatives keep saying our borders were secure under Trump? Have they not looked at the statistics? In 2019, we had more people crossing our southern border than in any year since 2006 under President Bush.

The increase in border crossings under President Biden is unacceptable, but the increase started under Trump after he cut funding that addressed the root causes by over 80 percent. Please check the facts (from the Pew Research Center) at bit.ly/Migrantencounters.

Martin Pace, Richland

Trump is not Hitler

The polls for Biden are now so dire that Democrats are resorting to the most extreme falsehoods to demonize Trump. At the top of the list are their comparisons of Trump to Hitler. Let me remind his detractors that Trump, along with the tireless efforts of Jared Kushner, negotiated peace treaties known as the Abraham Accords between Israel and four Arab nations.

Next is the bizarre claim by liberals that he is trying to destroy democracy, this after three states tried to bar his name from primary ballots, with near universal cheering from these same liberals. This was so extreme that it was struck down by the Supreme Court with an unusual 9-0 ruling.

But this is nothing compared to the liberals efforts at charging Trump with completely specious legal claims in four separate criminal cases. Yet Biden has been given a pass after he illegally took classified documents and millions of dollars are flowing into his family from foreign sources.

But all of this is a side-show compared to the central issue: are you better or worse off under Biden than you were under Trump? The majority of Americans say definitively Trump, and the others are kidding themselves.

Tom Seim, Richland