Moviegoer divides friends over his reaction to a group of teens’ ‘rude’ in-theater behavior: ‘Good for you’

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A man is wondering if he overreacted when he confronted a group of troublemakers at a movie theater.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. During a movie, a group of young guys kept making noise. When the group started throwing popcorn, the poster became fed up. He reprimanded the guys. Afterward, his friends accused him of disrupting the film.

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“Last Sunday, I was out with friends at the theater to watch the new Batman movie,” he wrote. “We got in, sat down at our assigned seats, and the movie started. During the first hour of the movie, these guys behind us were talking to each other and laughing without any consideration for the other people trying to enjoy the movie.”

“A few people around them told them discreetly to stop talking, but they kept on going. A few minutes after that, suddenly a bucket nearly full of popcorn flew over our heads, showering us in popcorn and hitting the lady sitting in front of us right in the head.”

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But even after the popcorn incident, no one seemed to intervene.

“The lady was obviously surprised and looked back, but then she turned around and didn’t say a thing,” he explained. “I, on the other hand, was mad. I stood up and started unloading on these guys, giving them a piece of my mind and yelling at them. About five minutes later, security got into the room, and these guys were escorted out.”

“After the movie was over, my friends told me that I had acted a bit like an a****** because by yelling, I disturbed the whole room. While these guys would have been kicked out anyway considering the theater had security cameras in the room. And that the lady who got hit by the bucket was the one who should have said something and not me.”

Redditors sided with the poster on this one.

“EVERYBODY should have called out boorish rude and inconsiderate behavior,” a person said.

“Good for you,” another commented.

“They needed to be called out,” someone wrote.

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