Moyse happy with 6th-place finish in Olympic bobsleigh

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With 4th Olympics, Heather Moyse finds a different experience

There will be no medal this time, but Summerside bobsledder Heather Moyse says her sixth place finish with Alysia Rissling at the Pyeongchang Olympics on Wednesday is just as rewarding.

Following four runs, Moyse and Rissling were 1.18 seconds off the gold medal pace set by Germany's Mariama Jamanka and Lisa Buckwitz.

Moyse's former bobsleigh partner, Kaillie Humphries, won the bronze with brakeman Phylicia George.

Moyse was in seventh position after two runs Tuesday, and moved ahead of the Great Britain sled in her final two runs to secure the sixth spot.

Speaking to CBC after their final run, Moyse called her performance at the Games a success. 

"Success to me is about doing something with someone you want to do it with...for the reasons that are right for you," Moyse said. 

After winning back-to-back gold medals with Humphries in 2010 and 2014, the 39-year-old stopped training and competing. 

Moyse only returned to Canada's bobsleigh team in September after Rissling reached out to her, hoping to benefit from the Olympic veteran's skill and experience. 

"It might be strange to some people, but coming sixth with Alicia is more rewarding than having potentially medaled with someone else," Moyse said.  "The whole journey's been incredible for me."

As Moyse completed her final run — likely her last as an Olympian — fans gathered at Summerside's Credit Union Place let out a collective cheer. 

While there was undoubtedly more excitement around Moyse's hometown after her two gold medal wins, many say her sixth place finish this time is still a cause for celebration. 

"We were so proud of her [after her gold medal wins], and we're so proud of her now," said Peggy Miles. "Her commitment to mentoring her teammate is such an admirable thing to do. So we're super proud of her for that and all she's given this community, and her ability to rally us all."

Jeremy Wall, the reigning P.E.I. Special Olympics athlete of the year, said Moyse continues to inspire him. 

"She's almost 40 years old, and she can still get the job done, and compete with the best in the world, after not competing for like three years," Wall said.

"She's a real special athlete and a real special person."

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