MP Linda Duncan proposes National Hockey Day

Edmonton-Strathcona MP Linda Duncan will table a private member’s bill on Tuesday calling for the creation of National Hockey Day.

She tried it once before but was forced to temporarily abandon the idea in favour of putting forward a bill on environmental rights.

Duncan made the announcement Saturday morning at the Bill Hunter Arena, where the midget minor AAA provincial championships were underway.

“The idea is to celebrate what a lot of people consider our national pastime — if not our national sport — out in the community,” said Duncan.

The bill describes hockey as an activity enjoyed by all — regardless of age, gender, ability or cultural background.

It also recognizes the key role that local community associations play in championing the sport, which Duncan thinks helps to forge bonds between communities.

“The idea is to have a day when everybody celebrates our favourite sport in their local community league,” said Duncan, “and to get girls and boys out, men and women and people new to canada... all just having fun, celebrating Canadianness.”

She says she will keep trying until the bill is approved by the House of Commons.

If accepted, National Hockey Day would fall annually on the third Friday in February.

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