MP Martin Shields making his way across the constituency during the summer months

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During summer, school kids are not the only ones who are on vacation. With the previous parliamentary session coming to an end and parliament itself being dissolved, the MPs are also able to enjoy a summer vacation. We were able to have an opportunity to sit down and speak with Bow River MP Martin Shields about his plans for the summer. He began by talking about how within his first week back in Alberta, he was talking to mem- bers of lower levels of government.

“It was great to sit down for a couple of hours with mayors and reeves, the MLAs were all there, and just listen to them talk about their concerns or what they’re working on — Highway 3 where it’s at,” said Shields. “Listen to the things that were happening — that’s fan- tastic. I really enjoyed that.”

After this brief discussion, Shields also spoke on how a lot of towns and villages are having celebrations around this time of year, as well as his efforts to try and attend each of them.

“A lot of the things that I do during summer; I’ve done two parades already, I’ve got a number of parades (to do) — the one in Taber at Cornfest is the second to last major festival. So, there are a lot of rodeos, and lots of community events, and peo- ple want to get out and do them. I tell you, the one in Beiseker, their parade was so long it caused a problem — it was an hour-long parade — normally it is a 20-minute parade. People are just wanting to get out in their communities and celebrate, so it’s great. There’s a lot of those events that are going to be out — people are happy to be out, so you get to do a lot of those things, and I’m looking forward to that. I’ve seen people out and having good times.”

Shields also mentioned travelling to a lot of fun things around the riding during his time off from Parliament.

“There’s a lot of fun things in the riding during the summer. A lot of things to go to and Cornfest, as you all know, it’s a fantastic three days here.”

Finally, Shields touched on if he was planning to bring some of Taber’s world-famous corn back to Ottawa to share with the members of his party.

“Oh, we talk about that all the time,” said Shields. “Best corn, come out here to Taber. Come on out, we’ll show you where the best corn is. No, it’s not in southern Ontario, no, no, no, come on out (to Taber).”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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