MP Shields speaks on the ongoing war in Ukraine

As Russia continues to encroach upon the sovereign territory of Ukraine in an attempt to annex it, the focus should continue to be placed on this developing situation. Martin Shields, MP for Bow River, spoke on this ongoing issue and what the Canadian government is doing in particular to assist Ukraine.

“There is a number of pieces to do with that; one is the military in the sense of the Canadian government is supplying Ukraine with resources — militarily and material,” said Shields. “We have supported as much equipment as we have that we can give to them, and supporting the monetary side as well. That is something we strongly support, the other side of it is the people who are coming as refugees from Ukraine to Canada, and I very strongly support the quick resettlement/quickly accommodating the communities as we can. Getting families settled, getting children into school, and working with the possibility of jobs as quickly as we can.”

As the war continues, Ukraine has been able to demonstrate that it is capable of both withstanding the onslaught from Russia and being able to punch back as it had launched several successful strikes against entrenched Russian forces within the eastern regions of Ukraine. With Ukraine demonstrating their capabilities when supplied by other powers in the world, Shields also commented on if Canada should increase its support.

“Ukraine ask for certain things, and when they’re talking militarily, if we have those resources available, we have and should support them in the things that they want and need to defend their country,” said Shields. “I think that has been the practice to a certain point where we have had military equipment that we can send them and also support them monetarily. We need to pay attention to what specifically they need so we don’t give them something that’s of no use to them. I think that they sometimes ask for certain things that we don’t have — they might get it from somewhere else. We shouldn’t look at giving them things they can’t use either, so we need to pay attention to what it is they need and how we can help them.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times