MPs agree to expedite passage of 'extreme intoxication' bill in House of Commons

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The Liberal government has moved to expedite its "extreme intoxication" bill in the House of Commons with a unanimous consent motion.

Members of Parliament unanimously agreed today to pass Bill C-28 by this evening and to convene a study of the House justice committee this fall that would look at the implementation of the bill.

In another accelerated process, the Senate will form a committee of the whole later today to hear from Justice Minister David Lametti and debate the substance of the bill.

Bill C-28, introduced last Friday, would update the Criminal Code to create a new standard for criminal liability when a person commits a crime "in a state of negligent self-induced extreme intoxication."

In May, the Supreme Court struck down the previous wording of Section 33.1 of the Code as unconstitutional and allowed two acquittals on the basis of an "extreme intoxication" defence to stand, ordering a new trial in a third case.

Lametti has repeatedly condemned social media misinformation that falsely suggests the ruling means a drunk or high person can get away with sexual assault and other violent crimes.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 21, 2022.

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