‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Showrunner on That Finale and Season 2 Possibilities: ‘We Have a Lot of Juice in the Tank’

Note: The following story contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

After Donald Glover and Maya Erskine introduced their new take on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” cocreator Francesca Sloane hopes to keep the reboot going with plenty of ideas for a potential Season 2.

“We have been cooking up some really amazing ideas, if the world should want that, and we should be so lucky to put that out,” Sloane told TheWrap. “We have a lot of juice in the tank.”

While Sloane noted the team is proud of the first installment, she noted her desire to keep growing the story. “If we were to do a Season 2, we would hope to blow Season 1 out of the water. And if not, we’re really happy with the full story that Season 1 tells.”

As for star and co-creator Glover’s thoughts on a potential Season 2, he said the decision is entirely up to Sloane, who, he first worked with in the “Atlanta” writers’ room.

“We’ve definitely talked about all the things we could do and what we want to do, but Fran is the leader of this,” Glover told TheWrap at the show’s New York City premiere last week. “I’m doing a lot of things, but she always had such a good vision for this… whatever she wants to do really is what we’re doing.”

A second installment of the Prime Video series lends itself to a hopeful ending for John and Jane, whose fate was left open-ended at the end of the finale.

In the final shootout between Glover and Erskine’s John and Jane and Wagner Moura and Parker Posey’s John and Jane, three shots were seen from afar, though Erskine’s Jane only had one bullet left, leaving viewers to guess who was impacted by the shots, and who got out of the house alive.

Maya Erskine in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” (Amazon)

“We were heavily influenced by watching a lot of films from the ’70s,” Sloane said. “There’s something so gorgeous about the way that a lot of cinema ended that way, for instance, a ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ or ‘The Graduate,’ where you’re not giving all of the answers and yet, that’s what’s satisfying about it.”

Sloane noted the team did entertain showcasing a clear, happy ending for John and Jane, but ultimately decided to leave the conclusion up to the viewers’ interpretation.

“That’s just not the kind of kids we are,” Sloane said of herself and the creative team behind the reboot series. “I’m a new mother, and I feel like a lot of the cynicism and punk[ness] that I used to have, and the way that I would write, has dissipated quite a bit.”

Sloane added the ending doesn’t feel “sinister” to her, and instead leaves the conclusion “up for interpretation.”

“It’s up to the viewer, depending on who you are, whether it’s a hopeful ending or not,” Sloane said. “What it is, regardless of who you are and how you interpret it, it is a love story. That’s what I wanted it to end on — as a love story.”

Kayla Cobb contributed to this report.

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