Multiple people injured in shooting at Juneteenth celebration in Oakland, California

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Several people are injured following a shooting at a Juneteenth celebration in Oakland, California on Wednesday night, police say.

At around 8:45 p.m., after a fight broke out, the shooting occurred, according to Oakland Police.

"We were all celebrating, there were sideshows, couple of fights that were going on - next thing we know, we all thought we heard fireworks, so we ran from the direction," witness Tamia Robinson told local news outlet ABC7 News.

The celebrations, which had about 5,000 people in attendance, were "peaceful until around 8:15 p.m. when an illegal sideshow involving vehicles and motorbikes occurred..." states a press release from the police department.

"The events were not sanctioned gatherings," it adds.

A fight occurred, and, as crowds began to gather, multiple shots were fired, according to the release.

Medical personnel took several victims to hospitals, but others were taken in private vehicles. The exact number of victims is still under investigation, said police.

Juneteenth shooting in Texas: 2 killed, 14 injured in shooting at Juneteenth celebration in park

Officers injured while trying to control crowd, investigation ongoing

Multiple officers received minor injuries as they were trying to guide the crowds to a safe location. They were punched and pushed, states the release.

There is an ongoing investigation, and police are asking anyone with information to call the OPD Felony Assault Unit and to email any photos or videos that could help the investigation.

Teen killed after Juneteenth event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A shooting also occurred on Wednesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after a Juneteenth Peace Day event.

At 8:53 p.m., a 17-year-old boy from Milwaukee was shot multiple times and killed by another teen at Washington Park, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a part of the USA TODAY Network.

Life-saving efforts were made, but the boy died at a hospital. The suspect was taken into custody at gunpoint.

The teen was "indiscriminately" firing a weapon that was either fully automatic or converted to be fully automatic at a park right after a Juneteenth Peace Day event had just taken place at the park, states the journal.

A report that 50 young people were about to fight close to the playground at the park came in before the shooting.

One other teenager was injured during the shooting.

2 killed in shooting at Juneteenth event in Round Rock, Texas

On Saturday in Round Rock, Texas, which is around 30 miles north of Austin, two people were killed, and 14, including children, were injured after a shooting during a Juneteenth celebration.

Those who were killed were not a part of the altercation, according to previous reporting by Austin American-Statesman, a part of the USA TODAY Network.

The victims' ages ranged from 10 to 52 years old.

Contributing: Jane Park, Drake Bentley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; Claire Osborn, Tony Plohetski, Austin American-Statesman

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