My Mum, Your Dad adds new arrivals of the series

My Mum, Your Dad spoilers follow.

Tonight's (September 12) episode of My Mum, Your Dad saw two new arrivals enter the retreat: Janey and her son William. Plus, two more arrivals were announced in a preview of tomorrow's (September 13) episode.

Much like a Love Island bombshell entering the villa, retired basketball player and sports presenter Martin H and his daughter Jessica are set to join the retreat during tomorrow's episode to stir things up among the nine middle-aged singletons.

Describing himself as a "likeable sort of bloke" who doesn't "have much of a social life", Martin said his daughter nominated him for the show "to try and get me out of the friend zone".

father and daughter martin and jess from my mum, your dad, smiling while sitting on a burnt orange couch in front of a country estate

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"I have a lack of self-worth, and she feels I am worthy and I do a lot for my family and I should have a chance to find emotional fulfilment," he added.

Summing up his dating history, Martin said: "I was a professional sports person for 15 years, I studied in the US on a basketball scholarship, so I've been exposed to the dating life for a long time, but I've never been very good at it. I'm a serial monogamist.

Following his nomination by his daughter, Martin said he was "terrified and excited in equal measure".

"Now, I'm very reluctant to share. I don't find it [as] easy to throw myself into it," he said of the differences between dating later in life compared to your 20s. "I'm very cautious. I've had enough of being hurt. I'm more self-protective."

martin from my mum, your dad wearing a pink shirt, standing in front of an estate with his arms folded across his chest
jess from my mum, your dad wearing a blue dress and brown knee high boots, smiling and standing in front of a country estate

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Last night's premiere episode aired a surprise twist that revealed that the children would act as secret relationship experts for their parents — a task Martin's daughter Jessica said left her feeling "genuinely gobsmacked".

"I wasn't sure how my dad would feel about me literally spying on him, but I saw the fun in it quite quickly," she said.

Elsewhere during tonight's episode, Davina consoled an emotional Monique, and the children sent Natalie and Paul on a date. Meanwhile, Janey entered the retreat and caught Roger's eye.

My Mum, Your Dad began airing Monday, September 11 at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX. The series will run on consecutive weeknights for two weeks.

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