Municipal Election 2022 Results

The municipal elections held on in Wakaw on November 9, 2022 followed a discouraging pattern for those involved in municipal government, with only 166 voters casting a vote for a candidate to fill the office of Mayor. With roughly 90% of the residents of the town being of legal voting age, based on the 2016 census numbers there could have been as many as 800 casting their vote, meaning those 166 voters represent merely 20% of the residents of Wakaw. It remains to be seen if the current council can do anything to re-engage the public’s interest in matters of council.

Conversely, the 163 voters who turned up to cast votes for the office of Reeve of the Rural Municipality of Fish Creek represent 57% of the potential voters based again on the 2016 Census numbers. With Ryan Sawitsky garnering 57% of the vote and Edward Martens garnering 42% it is clear that the race amongst the rural voters was much closer. While neither of the newly elected leaders were prepared to give this reporter a statement regarding their win or their plans gong forward until after they had been sworn in and had a chance to meet with their council, Mayor-elect Markowski has agreed to participate in an interview at a later date. Reeve-elect Sawitsky had not responded by press time.

The other councils which were initially facing an election to fill councillor positions had them filled by acclamation resulting in an Abandonment of Poll being declared. In the Town of Cudworth, Krissy Wedewer fills the empty councillor seat, while in the Rural Municipality of Hoodoo, councillors Eugene Jungwirth, Donavin Reding and Don Gabel retain their seats. In the Rural Municipality of Fish Creek, Councillors Terry Yuzik, Corey Venne and Maurice Werezak will serve another term. In the Rural Municipality of Grant, Eugene Denis, Mark Bilinski, and Mark Lynchuk were declared elected by acclamation, just as Kurtis Gaudet, Kelly Njaa and Raymond Parent were in the Rural Municipality of St. Louis.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wakaw Recorder