Municipal election looms; who's running?

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The federal election campaign is in full swing, and we will be headed to the polls Sept. 20. Less than a month later, we will be back at the ballot box for the municipal elections Oct. 18.

Nomination day for the municipal elections is Sept. 20.

Here’s who’s officially come forward with nomination papers by press time this week:

County of Grande Prairie:

The County of Grande Prairie will be electing nine councillors who will represent their respective division. Following the election, council will name a reeve and deputy reeve.

In Division 1, sitting Coun. Harold Bulford said he is unsure if he will run again, but Amanda Frayn has put her name forward.

In Division 2, Kurt Balderston has submitted his nomination papers, but sitting Coun. Daryl Beeston said he would not be seeking re-election.

In Division 3, Leanne Beaupre (current reeve) has said she will be seeking re-election.

In Division 4, sitting Coun. Ross Sutherland is still undecided; Steve Zimmerman and Maurissa Hietland have submitted their nominations.

In Division 5, sitting Coun. Bob Marshall is still undecided.

In Division 6, incumbent Coun. Peter Harris says he will seek re-election.

In Division 7, Brian Peterson, former Hythe mayor, and Tracy Ray have submitted their nominations; sitting Coun. Linda Dianne Waddy said that she would not be seeking re-election.

In Division 8, incumbent Coun. Karen Rosvold said she will seek re-election.

In Division 9, Sheryle Runhart, Robert Chrenek, and Pam M. Badger are official candidates; sitting Coun. Corey Beck informed the News he would not be running in the upcoming election.

Town of Beaverlodge:

Beaverlodge will be electing six councillors and a mayor.

Gary Rycroft will be seeking to be re-elected as mayor.

Current councillors Cyndi Corbett, Terry Dueck, Judy Kokotilo-Bekkerus, Hugh Graw, Gena Jones will run again; newcomer Cody Moulds has added his name to the race.

Current Coun. Cal Mosher said that he is still undecided but expects to make a decision in the next week.

Town of Sexsmith:

Sexsmith will be electing six councillors and a mayor.

Mayor Kate Potter will be seeking re-election.

Incumbent councillors Bruce Black, Dennis Stredulinsky, Jonathon Siggelkow, Clint Froehlick, and Ken Hildebrand will want to return to the council table; Coun. Issak Skjaveland is undecided.

Town of Wembley:

Wembley will be electing six councillors and a mayor.

Mayor Chris Turnmire will not be seeking re-election; current Coun. Kelly Peterson wants that chair.

Sitting councillors Anna Underwood and Sean McCallum said they would be seeking re-election.

Coun. Tyrel Johnson indicated that he is still undecided and Coun. Jessica Guimond was unavailable for comment as of press time.

Residents can now have an opportunity to shape their community in a way they see fit.

Anyone interested in running in their municipal election has until Sept. 20 at noon to submit their nomination papers to the Returning officer of their municipality.

Interested parties can find nomination forms at town offices and by accessing the Municipal Affairs website at

A $100 fee must also be paid with submitting the nomination forms. The incumbent must be at least 18 years or older, a Canadian citizen and be a resident of your constituency for six months immediately preceding nomination day.

Information for each municipality can be found on their websites:

Sexsmith:—How Do I?—Run For Municipal Office

The County of Grande Prairie:


Beaverlodge: Sidebar:

A closer look at what elected officials made during their time in office in 2020:

Town of Beaverlodge

Mayor Rycroft: $17,800

Councillor Kokotilo-Bekkerus: $15,955

Councillor Corbett: $24, 085

Councillor Graw: $12,757

Councillor Jones: $17,535

Councillor Dueck: $10,825

Councillor Mosher: $12,255

County of Grande Prairie

Reeve Beaupre: $102,730

Councillor Bulford: $57,998

Councillor Beeston: $63,479

Councillor R. Sutherland: $67,518

Councillor Marshall: $69,779

Councillor Harris: $63,203

Councillor Waddy: $57,988

Councillor Rosvold: $70,910

Councillor Beck: $75,432

Town of Sexsmith

Mayor Potter: $38,541

Councillor Siggelkow: $17,679

Councillor Skajveland: $18,824

Councillor Hidebrand: $19,704

Councillor Froehlick: $15,154

Councillor Black: $19,241

Councillor Stredulinsky: $16,300

Town of Wembley

Mayor Turnmire: $20,000

Councillor Gunderson: $10,400

Councillor Johnson: $3,150

Councillor McCallum: $10,600

Councillor Underwood: $12,400

Councillor Peterson: $10,450

Councillor Guimond: $8,900

This information was reproduced from Consolidated Financial Statements available through Muncipal Affairs.

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News

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