Municipal Election Results

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Election Results 2020

RM of Hoodoo No. 401Total population:675Election ResultsReeve: Derreck Kolla re-electedCouncillor Div 1: Hal Diederichs Div 3: Reg Wedewer Div 5: Bruce Cron RM of St. Louis No. 431Total population:1086Election ResultsReeve: Emile Boutin Re-electedCouncillor Div 1: Vincent Denis Div 3: Ryan Topping Div 5: René LeBlanc RM of Rosthern No. 403Election ResultsReeve: Roger Kinzel Councillors Div 1: Richard Pochipinski Div 3: Glenn Braun Div 7: Tom Madden RM of Invergordon No. 430Total population:565Election ResultsReeve: Bruce Hunter Re-electedCouncillors Div 1: Kelvin Dutka Div 3: Calvin Parsons Div 5: Wayne Bacon RM of Fish Creek No. 402Total population:345Election ResultsReeve: Bob KramchynskiCouncillors: Div 1: Lawrence Sosnowski Div 3: Peter Roslinski Div 4: Corey Venne Div 5: Chris Dutchak RM of Aberdeen No. 373Election ResultsReeve: Martin Bettker Re-electedCouncillors Div 1: Graham White Div 3: Kevin Kirk Div 5: Paul Martens

Town of Wakaw

Despite the blizzard-like conditions on Monday November 9, 2020 local municipal elections went on as scheduled. While turn-out numbers were low in all areas, undoubtably the weather was a major factor in some people’s minds when it came to voting on Monday, but regardless the number of votes cast the results stand. Wakaw CAO Lois Gartner stated that the turn-out was 80 less votes cast than four years ago. Since enumeration does not take place prior to municipal elections, officials look at the total number of residents to estimate how many ballots to have prepared. Gartner added that typically if there is a major issue facing the town or municipality the voter turnout is much higher. Good weather also helps as the advanced poll had a very good turnout. The new councils will sit for their first meetings in December for towns and rural municipalities that meet only once a month and for those who hold two meetings per month their first council meeting will be next week.

In Wakaw 268 votes were cast.

Steven Skoworodkowas re-elected as Mayor garnering two-thirds of the votes.

For the six positions of Councillor the following individuals received the most votes: Iris Fleming, Michael Markowski, Robert Michayluk, Terry Ostafichuk, Chad Parenteau, and Michael Romanchuk.

Town of Cudworth

In the Town of Cudworth 221 ballots were cast.

New Mayor Gary Hleck was elected by acclamation.

For the six positions of Councillor the following achieved the most votes: Kelsey Eckel, Scott Friesen, Roxanne Koenning, Kyle Lingel, Terry Medernach, and Rick Wedewer.

Town of Rosthern

In the Town of Rosthern 227 ballots were cast.

Mayor Dennis Helmuth was elected by acclamation.

For the six positions of Councillor the following achieve the most votes: Colin Aebig, James Crouch, Kevin Graham, Emily Hand, Neal Isfeld, and Blaine Krentz.

Town of Bruno

In the Town of Bruno 136 ballots were cast.

Dale Glessmanreturns as Mayor.

For the six positions of Councillor the following were awarded the most votes: Kurtis Ellis, Jenna Hale, Debora Kramer, Daryl Lepage, Kayla Shaw, and Michael Sorokoski.

Village of St. Louis

The following were elected by acclamation:

Mayor: Marc Caron

Councillors: Tristen Boettcher, Jennifer Jenny, Shane Jenny, Janelle Paul

Village of St. Benedict

The following were elected by acclamation:

Mayor: Dennis Nyuli

Councillors: Pernell St. Germaine, Doug Winger

The results of Horizon School Division's Board elections are as follows:Subdivision 1 – Jenna Hale

Subdivision 2 – Linda Mattock

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder