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Face mask or slasher mask?

This face mask was designed in the 1980s as a literally shocking skin care treatment. Nice idea, but it looks like something straight from a slasher film (Picture: Museum of Failure)

The 'Museum of Failure' is celebrating some of the worst products ever made

Nick Reilly

Nearly every successful company has, at some point, developed a disastrous product that they would much rather pretend never happened.

But rather than being relegated into the shady annals of consumer history, a new museum is celebrating some of the most glorious product failures in history.

The aptly-titled Museum of Failure opens in the Swedish town of Helsingborg in June – and there’s a huge array of strange items on display.

We’re talking electric face masks, motorcycle inspired aftershave, and even a board game from a certain tycoon with then unrealised Presidential ambitions.

Here’s what to expect.