Music PEI looking for three artists to play at English Folk Expo

Music PEI is giving established Island folk artists an opportunity to showcase their talent at the English Folk Expo, in Manchester, England.

P.E.I. was chosen as the international partner for this year's event in October.

The expo runs at the same time as the inaugural Manchester Folk Festival.

Selected artists will have the chance to play a set at the festival as well as perform at Music PEI's private reception at the Expo.

'Years of gigs'

Rob Oakie, executive director of Music PEI, called it a great opportunity for Island artists to get exposure and meet with a range of people that could help their careers.

"They [English Folk Expo] have an excellent list of delegates, industry professionals from around the world really, mostly focused in the U.K.," he said. 

"These are festivals, agents, labels, promoters, venues. All the people that are in the position to hire artists."

Oakie said that connecting with the right people could not only help musicians in the short-term but could set them up for future success.

"If an artists can secure an agent in the U.K. that's not just one gig that's like, could be years of gigs."

'Captive audience'

Oakie said England is an important market for P.E.I. folk artists at a time when it has become more challenging to break into the United States.

He also said that this is one of the best ways for Island artists to get recognition in the industry.

"Some of the festivals that attend this event are some of the most prestigious festivals in the UK," he said. 

"And the artists get a great opportunity, especially at our networking reception, cause it's a captive audience and there's no other artists that they're competing with."

Travel expenses will be the responsibility of the winning artists, though the expo will pay for accommodations on the day of their festival performance. 

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