A Muslim woman reportedly received death threats for exposing her stomach on Instagram

Madina Basaeva (Photo: Instagram courtesy dina_saeva)

Madina Basaeva, a Moscow-based blogger, shared an innocent video of herself dancing in a crop top and matching shorts on Instagram about a week ago. But, apparently because she is Muslim, Basaeva has received death threats in the comments on the video, the Daily Mail reports.

Basaeva’s Instagram account — and the target of all the fury — appears to be @dina_saeva, though it looks as if there are multiple accounts impersonating the blogger on Instagram. The post, shared a week ago, had 95,000 likes as of this writing.


According to the Mirror, this all may be due to the fact that Basaeva showed her stomach in the video. As the Mirror explains, Basaeva is part of the Tadzhiki Muslim community.

Many of the comments on Basaeva’s Instagram post are in Russian. But according to both the Daily Mail and the Mirror, the comments include various death threats, including one that reportedly reads, “When will you finally die?”

Both U.K. outlets also report that Basaeva has responded to online backlash in the past by saying the commenters “don’t like anything” she does.

“’You don’t like if I am dressed, you don’t like if I am undressed, you don’t like the new content, finding a new song and coming up with choreography is that you don’t like either,” Basaeva has said, according to the Daily Mail. “It is impossible to satisfy you. Each and everyone of you. Do you understand?”

The outlets didn’t say whether or not Basaeva reported the comments to the police, but threatening someone online can constitute criminal activity. And even for those who don’t agree with Basaeva’s actions, it’s not OK to threaten her life. Religious disagreements can be the source of productive dialogue and conversations, but comments like these should never be tolerated.

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