Mysterious meeting reportedly led to specialized product used on Tom Brady's thumb

Tom Brady’s thumb has been the center of attention lately.

From the mysterious collision that forced the New England Patriots quarterback to miss practice ahead of Sunday’s AFC championship game to the revelation that he needed several stitches on the thumb of his throwing hand to the seemingly inevitable heartbreak he inflicted on the Jacksonville Jaguars in spite of it all, it’s played a starring role during the the playoffs.

And now, thanks to SportTechie, we know a new twist in the saga of Brady’s gimpy appendage.

A product probably best-known for being seen on the bodies of beach volleyball players was used on Brady’s thumb after a mysterious visit from a doctor to a baseball trainer’s conference, SportTechie reports.

The report details how Jacki Cassady, a marketing manager for KT Tape, was working a booth at the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society in Glendale, Arizona last week when she was approached by a doctor with very specific questions about how her product could help with a very specific thumb injury.

Cassady connected the doctor with a sales rep, and some specialized KT Tape was shipped to 1 Patriot Place ahead of Sunday’s game, according to the report.

KT Tape, short for Kinesiology therapeutic tape, is best known as that stuff beach volleyball players wear in various colors and patterns that you see when you tune in to the sport every four years during the Olympics. It was invented by Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase.

It first made an appearance on American volleyball icon Kerri Walsh at the 2008 Beijing Games and has stuck around since with other Olympians and professional athletes alike.


KT Tape claims to be an “elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments,” according to its product description. While nobody really knows if KT Tape actually does anything or acts as a placebo, it has become somewhat of a mainstay among athletes.

Which brings us back to Brady. We all know now about Brady’s penchant for unorthodox medicine. The doctor that Cassady referred to in the SportsTechie article reportedly left her with a message after consulting her about her product.

“Watch the games on Sunday, and see if you see your product.”

While Cassady didn’t remember the name of the doctor, the photo seen in the tweet below appears to confirm that somebody did, in fact, advise Tom Brady to wear KT Tape on his injured thumb.

That “KT” logo on his waving right hand might as well be an ad for the product.

So while we may never know the name of the doctor who spoke with Cassady at the trainers’ conference, it appears that Brady’s belief in alternative medicine is as strong as ever.

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