N.S. adds 15 new specialist residency seats to Dalhousie medical school

The province is adding 15 new specialist residency seats to the Dalhousie University medical school.

Nova Scotia Health Minister Randy Delorey made the announcement Wednesday.

The new spaces include:

  • emergency medicine (two spaces)
  • core internal medicine (two spaces)
  • general internal medicine (two spaces)
  • child and adolescent psychiatry (two spaces)
  • neurology
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • critical care
  • geriatric psychiatry
  • palliative medicine
  • ear, nose and throat
  • dermatology

Delorey said the new spaces would be in place next July. He also said research shows people who train in Nova Scotia are more likely to stay.

Dr. David Anderson, dean of Dalhousie's medical school, said residents would routinely be sent to communities outside the Halifax area to work, in many cases living for extended periods in those communities.

Anderson said that move exposes residents to more community work, provides increased services to areas that need them most and heightens recruiting opportunities.

Because most of residencies range from three to five years and the seats will be filled each year, Anderson said there would be a "positive and sustained impact" for the system.


Dr. Tim Holland, president of Doctors Nova Scotia, lauded the move and said doctors are willing and excited to have residents come to their communities and to provide mentorship.

The province is willing spend $1.5 million a year on the new seats.