N.S. farmer seeks young owner of toy bunny that spent the winter in his corn field

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This stuffed bunny has had quite the adventure. It spent the winter outside in a corn field. (Patricia Bishop - image credit)
This stuffed bunny has had quite the adventure. It spent the winter outside in a corn field. (Patricia Bishop - image credit)

A Nova Scotia farmer who found a lost bunny in a corn field is searching for the stuffed animals's rightful owner.

"I was planting the corn maze … and all of a sudden I looked down and there's a bunny staring back at me," Josh Oulton told CBC Radio's Information Morning from Noggins Corner Farm in the Annapolis Valley community of Greenwich.

Oulton, who stumbled upon the toy earlier this month, believes it was likely lost in the corn maze last fall. That means it spent all winter in the field, contending with tractors and getting covered in manure.

But other than needing a good cleaning, Oulton said the little rabbit is in remarkably good shape.

"I didn't actually stick my nose that close to it. I would assume that it would have an aroma, yes," Oulton said.

The corn maze at Noggins Corner Farm is a popular attraction for families, and when Oulton found the bunny he immediately thought of a child who lost a beloved stuffed toy in the maze last fall.

Oulton remembers the family looking for the lost toy well into the evening, but never finding it.

After the farmer found the plush bunny in one piece, his new friend rode next to him on his tractor. And when Oulton told his wife the story, she suggested searching for the young owner by posting a photo of the bunny online.

A children's book in the making?

The farm's Facebook post has now been shared more than 14,000 times and generated many comments from people reminiscing about their own beloved childhood stuffed animals.

"My teddy bear spent a winter outside once, 62 years ago, when I was about three years old," wrote one commenter. "I found him in the spring and was so happy. I still have him."

Another person suggests turning the story of Noggins' rescued bunny into a children's book.

For now, the bunny is safe and warm at Oulton's house as he continues his search for its owner.

If no one claims it, Oulton said he'll clean its fur and put it on display at the corn maze this fall.

"It would be interesting to see it get back to the owner, that's for sure," he said.


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