N.S. man has statutory release revoked after breaching conditions

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A Nova Scotia man who was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison has had his statutory release revoked.

David James Leblanc, 55, was convicted of several crimes, including making and distributing child pornography, sexual interference, kidnapping, forcible confinement, sexual assault and uttering death threats.

In September 2012, Leblanc and another man kidnapped a teenage boy and took him to a cabin in the woods of Lunenburg County.

There the boy was stripped and chained to the floor and ceiling. Over the course of days, the boy was raped repeatedly.

Leblanc's accomplice even arranged for another man to sexually assault the boy. That man, John Leonard MacKean, was convicted of sexually assaulting the boy and sentenced to two years in prison, where he died of natural causes.

Released in April

When the teen managed to escape the cabin, Leblanc and his accomplice, Wayne Cunningham, fled. They ended up in northern Ontario where Cunningham died and Leblanc was found suffering from exposure.

Leblanc was released from prison this April after serving two-thirds of his sentence. He was living in a halfway house in British Columbia under tight restrictions, which included that he not buy or consume alcohol.

In September, a search of Leblanc's room uncovered about 30 receipts for alcohol purchases. When confronted with that information, Leblanc denied consuming alcohol and said he only bought it to be "nice" to his roommate.

In a meeting last Friday, the Parole Board of Canada rejected that explanation.

Authorities also discovered a penis pump.

'Facade of credibility'

"The Board asked why you had a penis pump in your room given your earlier statement that you had no sex drive," the parole report noted.

"You said you need to use the penis pump for sexual gratification but you had not used it with the roommate nor when the roommate was present."

The board said Leblanc created a "facade of credibility" about his progress while at the same time "deviously and deliberately engaged in a breach of your special condition relating to alcohol."