N.S. RCMP issue $50K in fines for illegal cannabis storage in vehicles

Nova Scotia RCMP want to get the word out about where people are legally supposed to store cannabis in their vehicles.

During the first 11 months of legalization, 172 drivers were fined in Nova Scotia for illegal transportation of cannabis. Each fine is $295, which has worked out $50,740 in fines. Another 47 drivers got off with warnings.

"Those products have to be closed in packaging or fastened in packaging and they must be out of reach of all occupants of the vehicle, or not readily accessible to all occupants of the vehicle," said Const. Chad Morrison.

He said officers are regularly encountering people storing their cannabis inside vehicles where the occupants are.

Where cannabis should be stored depends on the type of vehicle being driven.

Paul Palmeter/CBC

If you drive a sedan, cannabis must be stored in the trunk. If you drive a van, station wagon or hatchback, cannabis must go in the storage space in the back of the vehicle.

For trucks, you're permitted to put it behind the seat and for motorbikes, it must be stored in saddlebags. If a motorbike doesn't have a storage compartment of any kind, then it can go in a backpack.

The rules for cannabis edibles will be the same when they become legal on Oct. 17.