N.W.T. Safety Act charges laid in 2017 incident at Highway 3 worksite

The Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission has laid five charges against LSI Transport NWT Limited and supervisor Richard German in relation to an incident on the N.W.T.'s Highway 3 in 2017, it announced Tuesday.

The charges allege that LSI and German violated both the N.W.T.'s Safety Act and its Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, according to a press release. 

Among the charges, the WSCC alleges LSI and German failed to provide effective safeguards to stop a worker "from coming into contact with a dangerous moving part of a machine," ensure that supervisors and workers had completed regulatory familiarization programs and safety training, install proper alarm systems, and ensure machines are properly locked before workers begin maintenance, testing, or repair work.

According to the release, the alleged breaches are in relation to an incident on July 10, 2017, at a worksite on Highway 3. No further details were given in the release.

LSI and German are scheduled to be in court on August 21 in Yellowknife.