Nackawic looking to open new marina by June

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Nackawic remains on course to have its marina, a central part of the town’s far-reaching waterfront development, open by June.

Regional Service Commission 11 Building and Development Officer Lonnie Forbes provided Nackawic council with a detailed update on the project, including completion and budget estimates, at the Monday, Jan. 10 council meeting.

He said the construction of the new marina building is complete, plumbing is 85 per cent complete and electrical work is 95 per cent complete.

Forbes said a significant part of the project, which includes the installation of several marina docks and a refuelling and service dock for visiting watercraft, will require council approval for additional funding.

Referring to the portion of the contract awarded E. Cummings Contractors, Forbes said the scale of the work increased significantly.

“We almost doubled the value of the work they were doing,” he said.

Even with the increased workload, which included “major problems,” with river levels, Forbes said the Cummings fulfilled approximately 80 per cent of its original contract and completed 93 per cent of the extras.

He added Cummings’ sewer contract work is 66 per cent complete. Forbes said the sewer project includes the installation of infrastructure from dock-mounted structures to carry waste from the boats to the sewer system. The project will also connect the new marina building and the arena to the lift station.

“They will come back in the spring and finalize the sewer contract,” Forbes said.

Forbes explained the original contract included site grading, pathways, crush rock at boat launches, signage, providing topsoil and seeding of planting beds and construction of fuel pads.

He said nothing remains that will take a significant amount of time.

“If the water level is cooperative in the spring,” Forbes said, “ they think they’ll be out of there by Jun. 1.”

He said the construction extras included additional work to replace unsuitable material under the boat launch area.

“Essentially, they had to build a road in the boat launch area to get to where they started dredging,” Forbes explained.

He explained that the project required crews to “over-excavate” and pour additional fill.

Forbes said the original $700,000 project grew to more than $1 million. He explained approximately $18,000 remains of the initially available funds.

He said extras, including additional funding for sewer and electric, compound fencing to secure rental boards, new light standards, concrete docking moorings, and other minor expenditures, would total approximately $135,000.

Responding to a question from Deputy Mayor Greg MacFarlane, Forbes said council approval for the additional funding is needed by February or March to prepare an April start time.

MacFarlane told Forbes the town needs to see a dock layout, noting some are built, but the completed marina will need more. He said the town has a growing list of people seeking dock rentals.

Forbes agreed, saying planners are working on a layout to provide the maximum number of docks.

“You’re probably looking at building docks next year,” he added.

MacFarlane said demand for dock space is substantial.

“No matter how many slips we have, we’ll have renters,” he said.

Mayor Ian Kitchen thanked Forbes for the presentation, noting the importance of opening the new marina as soon as possible.

“It would be nice to be up and running by June 1, especially to have the docks in place,” he said.

Jim Dumville, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, River Valley Sun

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