Naked Juice Just Tapped Coco Gauff to Be Its New Chief Smoothie Officer

The tennis star is set to collaborate with the brand on future flavors.

<p>Naked Smoothies</p>

Naked Smoothies

Summer smoothies are getting a big boost.

Today, tennis prodigy Coco Gauff announced an official partnership with Naked Brand, known for its bottled fruit juice smoothies. The first-of-its-kind, multi-year venture names Gauff as the chief smoothie officer.

While elite tennis players are often known for partnering with luxury brands associated with watches, cars, and athletic clothing, Gauff is a known fruit enthusiast. In fact, her preferred changeover snack during the 2023 U.S. Open, was fruit salads, prepared and packaged in plastic containers by her parents. The to-be champion snacked on cantaloupe, pineapple, and watermelon for energy and hydration between matches, eventually winning the tournament.

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“We are thrilled to welcome Coco to the family, and to dream and develop the future of the Naked brand and product portfolio with her unique spin,” said Glen Walter, CEO of Tropicana Brands Group, which owns Naked. “As an athlete, advocate, daughter, sister, friend, and now chief smoothie officer, Coco is a true multi-hyphenate and knows better than anyone that you can be many things at once.”

In addition to competing in tournaments this season and preparing for the Paris Olympics (she’s excited to be part of the Opening Ceremony on the Seine), Gauff will also have input in some new Naked developments in the future.

“I like smoothies that are on the sweeter end,  just because I have a sweet tooth,” Gauff told Food & Wine. “A lot of times when I want to satisfy that sweet tooth without eating actual dessert, I'll eat fruit.”

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To Gauff, courtside fruit is a practical comfort. “Sometimes when I’m on court, when I’m frustrated, it's just nice to eat something that reminds me of home,” Gauff says. “I started the whole fruit thing was when I was younger. We grew up eating fruit in academies, and while I was practicing, so sometimes when I eat it, it's almost like a bit of nostalgia.”

Mango, pineapple and grapes are some of her preferred fruits, though when playing in some locations overseas, mango can be difficult to find. Breakfast smoothies and courtside smoothies are preferable to her than a big breakfast. “Obviously I have to eat before I practice, so that’s sometimes in a liquid form. It's just easier for me,” she says. “I’ll now be drinking more smoothies in matches too now that I'm partnering with Naked and creating something that will fill me on and off the court.”

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Gauff’s ideal smoothie starts with a good liquid base, either coconut water or almond milk. Freestyling with fruits is encouraged, and adding protein and vitamins can be beneficial as well, with their flavor hidden with stronger fruits. For less of a DIY option, she leans toward Naked Tropical Protein, one of her favorite Naked drinks.

If Gauff could share a smoothie with anyone, it would be Keke Palmer. She seems like such a fun person,” Gauff says. “I feel like she'll be fun, just like sipping smoothies and talking about life with.”

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