Nakusp council, May 25: Community greenhouse proposed

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A plan to build a community greenhouse on public land in Nakusp received an initial endorsement from Village council. The Old Firehall Collective asked council to provide a letter of support for their proposal to build a greenhouse.

“It can contribute not only to food security and improved health through better quality and nutritious foods, but also science education, skills training, and community pride and well being,” a letter from the group says.

The group suggested two possible sites for the high-tech geothermal greenhouse, one near the arena and another behind the train display near the municipal campgrounds.

While not endorsing either location, council did like the idea, and made a motion to provide a letter of support for the project in principle. That will help the collective apply for funding to move the project forward.

• There’ll be no mail-in ballot option when voters go to choose a new council this fall. Municipal election day is October 15, and council has to set its rules for how the local elections will be conducted.

While most of the voting rules are set by the Province, councils do have some leeway on specific items. Council moved to have the names of candidates appear randomly on the ballot (as opposed to being in alphabetical order), and to not have mail-in balloting this year.

Staff said that was because recent elections have shown mail-in ballots take up a lot of staff time for what turned out to be a dozen or so people who used that voting method.

“Mail-in ballots were first brought in to help folks who go away for the winter,” said Village CAO Wayne Robinson. “But once the election day was moved from November to October, that helped alleviate that issue to allow people to vote in person.”

Council gave first three readings to the proposed bylaw.

John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice

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