Narcity website all about embracing community, says Regina writer

Narcity website all about embracing community, says Regina writer

The website Narcity draws its name from the Greek mythological figure Narcissus, and turning his legendary self-fascination into something more positive — such as taking pride in one's hometown. 

That's according to Narcity Regina writer Ashley Kilback, who spoke with CBC Radio's The Morning Edition on Friday. 

"It's been a really cool experience to be able to be the voice behind that, that really talks about embracing community," Kilback said. 

Narcity Regina — part of a network of websites focusing on cities across the country — offers listicles that highlight facts about the city that people might not know or hidden gems, such as the murals located throughout the Cathedral neighbourhood or the TAE library, located within the Artful Dodger.

"You really would have no idea it exists," she said. "It's a bit of a maze in that place and it's really exciting to see what you can find."

Kilback's Narcity writing has highlighted the idea of collaborative spaces and places, which she said is a way to get people networking and bringing them together to work creatively.

She's also focused on small towns and their attractions, which include performance venues, historical sites and artifacts, and beautiful scenery.

Kilback says her favourite urban adventures are checking out the city's coffee shops. 

"I think a lot of times we kind of get in the mindset where life is kind of the same," she said. "We tend to be a little bit behind on big trends and things like that."