'A Nasty Peck': Magpie Swoops Australian Reporter in Face Moments before He Goes Live

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Life of a journalist is risky and demanding, and no second thought about about that.

A magpie swooped an Australian reporter in the face on Monday, moments before the journalist went live on air for the evening bulletin.

Nine Network reporter, Brett McLeod, was preparing for his live cross outdoors when the crow-like bird dived at his face but he quickly regained his composure and delivered his piece to the camera.

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The black-and-white Australian magpie, not related to the European magpies famous for taking glittering treasures for their nests, tend to attack anyone who comes close to their suburban nests.

Spring is widely known as the ‘swooping season’ to Australians when birds, mostly magpies, attack humans and even other birds when they stray too close while its fledglings hatch and nest.

People use umbrellas or don protective headwear while at parks and open spaces to protect themselves.

This hasn't been the first of instances when journalists had to face such unprecedented situation on live telecast yet, they never gave up on their incredible reporting.

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When NBC's reporter Kristen Welker delivers news, it seems nothing can stop her from doing her job with dedication.

Few months back, Welker was reporting live from Washington DC covering Attorney General William Barr's comments on the shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic when suddenly a gush of strong wind sent two lights fixtures in front of her crashing onto the ground. Little did this action move Welker, who went on giving out information with a facemask on.

The video of the same was shared by journalist Jeevan Vittal, who said, "That time @kwelkernbc (an already amazing journalist) became a legend."

The host from the studio is heard asking Kristen whether she is okay, to which Kristen very calmly says, "We all are okay, they just fell in front of me".

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