National Arts Centre Orchestra expanding music outreach program to Atlantic Canada

A music education outreach program by the Ottawa-based National Arts Centre Orchestra is expanding to Atlantic Canada this spring.

The program, Music Alive, has been operating in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nunavut for 10 years.

The orchestra will be launching the program in Atlantic Canada while it is on tour this spring, including on P.E.I. in May.

The program offers resources, including training from professional musicians such as singer-songwriter Tian Wigmore, to help advance promising young artists in remote and rural communities on the Island, explained Genevieve Cimon, the orchestra's director of music education and community engagement.

Promoting young artists

"Those people on the ground who have a vision for what they want their community arts scene to look like but they may not necessarily have resources, or opportunities to promote young artists that they feel deserve further recognition or training opportunities or showcasing opportunities," she said. 

"Really looking at where are some of the gaps that exist and how might we help to support a vibrant arts sector — not only in urban centres but in more rural and remote parts of each province."

On May 1, members of the orchestra will be part of eight concerts planned in six locations on the Island for Music Monday celebrations. In Charlottetown, members of the National Arts Centre Orchestra will be at Trinity United Church on Richmond Street during the day holding workshops for high school students and rehearsals for a choir. The orchestra is scheduled to perform at the Confederation Centre of the Arts that evening.

Cimon said the students will also be walking from Peakes Quay to Province House in recognition of Canada's 150th anniversary.

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